Bus Reservation System


The project titled Bus Reservation System is database management software for monitoring and controlling the system in Travel Agencies. The project “Bus Reservation System” is developed in java, which mainly focuses on basic operations like searching bus from source to the destination, adding bus information, adding customer details, deleting customer details. It features a familiar and well thought-out, an attractive user interface, combined with strong searching Insertion and reporting capabilities. The Backend of the project is designed using MySQL.

Download Project Click here

Download read me file Click here

  1. Download a IDEs available in the market. But for now, you can consider one of the following:

Netbeans:Is a Java IDE that is open-source and free which can be downloaded fromhttp://www.netbeans.org/index.html.

Eclipse: Is also a Java IDE developed by the eclipse open-source community and can be downloaded from http://www.eclipse.org/.

  1. Unzip the downloaded file and Import the project in the IDE.
  2. Download and install a MySQL server.
  3. Create the required database and tables as given in the read me file. (Fire the Queries given the read me file)
  4. Execute the project.

Note : Login USERNAME = admin and PASSWORD = 123